Tennis Betting – Tips For Exchange Betting on Tennis Matches

You have already created an advantage over those who offer odds or bet on other sports by choosing tennis to be your preferred sport of betting. You will need to first understand two basic principles in order to use this “edge” consistently to make money. Next, apply mathematics’ power.

Principle #1

It is a foolish thing to place a bet on tennis (or any other sport) with a traditional bookmaker. It is an axiom that “you can’t beat a bookie”; it is impossible to beat the bookie over time. This is because the odds of winning are always in the favor of the bookmaker. Everybody knows or should know that the punter’s mathematical advantage against the bookie is essential for him to make a profit and keep his business afloat.

The new type of betting that computer technology has created is “exchange betting” (or “matched betting”. There is no bookie to beat with “betting exchanges”, which means there is no middle man. Every punter can place a bet against any other punter, or even punters, out there in the Internet ether. Any punter or “trader” can place a back bet that a team or player will win and/or a lay bet that a team or player will lose. Any punter can act as an ordinary betor or as a bookmaker.

Exchange betting is not managed by any third-party. Instead, the odds are set by the punters. They place requests for odds at the prices at which they would be willing to place bets (if acting as an ordinary bettor) or offer odds at which bets they would be willing to lay (if acting as a bookmaker).

The exchange betting website matches all back bets with all lay bets as the “lay” and “back” bettors lower their odds. The winnings are automatically credited to the accounts of “layers” or “backers” a few seconds following the event’s conclusion.

Evidently, technology to provide such a fair betting service must be paid. This payment comes in the form a commission on the net winnings of the punter on an event (or market). This means that commission is only charged on any positive difference in winnings or losses for the same event.

This system of betting is as fair as possible.

Although there are few betting exchanges, the software that allows you to bet on exchanges is complex and expensive. Betfair is the dominant exchange betting website, accounting for about 90% of the market as of this writing. Other exchange betting sites include Betfair, ibetX and Betsson. Matchbook is also available. The World Bet Exchange (WBX) is another. Betfair is the most well-known because it is the first to offer “perfectly fair” betting and can be trusted to perform quickly and accurately.

Principle #2

Why does betting on tennis give you an “edge” over other sports betting? Even those who play tennis often overlook the simple answer. Even if you have never beent on tennis before, the importance of the scoring system for the betting would be a surprise to you.

This is the fundamental difference between tennis’ scoring system and any other sport M88.

Other sports and games require that the team or player in the back must win a point for each point they lose to make up the points gap. Only then can they move forward. This is a well-known fact.

The first set can be lost by the trailing team or player 6-0, possibly with a deficit up to 24 points. The team that wins the second set can win it by the narrowest margin, 7-6 in tie-break. This is a rare, but possible, possibility. ).

The two sides are now tied if the team or player trailing wins the second set. Even though one team or player might have won more points, it is still a tie.

This can often have a profound psychological effect on either side, which impacts the way they play the next few minutes and, therefore, the betting odds offered to punters. However, this is a different aspect of tennis betting that may be covered in another article. This article will discuss the mathematical aspects of tennis betting and how you can win with this knowledge.

Tips to win at tennis betting

These are the two basic principles of tennis betting. How can you make them work for you?

It is important to not be a “backer” and/or a layer, but simply to wager on the outcome of an event. You will lose your money over time if you do this. There is always a slight difference between the “back”, and “lay” odds. This is because there must be a difference, or there would be no incentive to offer odds, and no betting. Add that to the commission you pay on net winnings and you have a mathematical “edge”.